Long term disability insurance provides benefits to policyholders in the event a physical or mental disability prevents them from earning a living. While each policy has different language, each policy should include specific requirements for what a claimant must demonstrate to qualify as disabled and entitled to benefits. In many cases, you might believe that you meet the criteria, though you might still receive a claim denial from your long term disability insurer. For people with disabilities, insurance benefits can be crucial to cover their basic expenses and bills. A claim denial can be devastating, though it is important to remember that a denial is not always the final say in the matter. There are options to appeal, and you should speak with along term disability appeals lawyer as soon as possible. The Garner Firm, Ltd., handles all types oflong term disability cases and is ready to help disability claimants like you. 

Common Reasons for a Long Term Disability Insurance Claim Denial

Denials are all too common when it comes to long term disability insurance claims, as insurers will often seek any possible reason to limit payouts. That being said, there are some reasons for denials that are more common than others, which include:

  • The medical condition claimed does not qualify as a disability as defined by the insurance policy
  • The claimant provided insufficient documentation to support the extent of their medical condition
  • The insurer claims that the medical condition should not prevent the claimant from working (whether from working at their previous position or at all, depending on the policy)

When you receive notice of a claim denial, our law firm will first identify the specific reason for your denial to begin exploring options for your appeal. 

The Appeal Process

In many cases, our firm can gather and present any missing documentation that can prove your claim for the insurance company to consider. The claim processor can review the supplemental documentation and records and determine whether it is adequate to overturn the denial and grant benefits. If the claim remains denied, it will depend on your policy and insurer whether another round of internal appeals is available.   If your “administrative” appeal attempts are unsuccessful, our firm can determine whether it is an option to litigate the case in state or federal court, depending on the type of policy. We have filed lawsuits against insurance companies to fight for the benefits our clients deserve, and we can handle this complex process. It is always in your best interests to have the right legal representation from the start to finish of the appeal process. 

Do Not Wait to Consult with a Long Term Disability Appeals Lawyer Near You

As soon as you learn of a claim denial, you should discuss your next steps with a long term disability appeals lawyer near you. A successful appeal can be essential to your financial well-being moving forward, and The Garner Firm, Ltd., represents clients fighting against claim denials.Contact us to discuss your situation right away.   

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