Handling Long Term Disability Claims for Clients in the Philadelphia Area

Disabilities are not only limiting physically or mentally, but they can also result in extensive financial losses if your disability prevents you from working. Numerous employers provide employees with long term disability insurance coverage that should provide benefits if disability restricts their ability to work. However, most of these long term disability plans are regulated by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), which can make it difficult for employees to obtain the benefits they need and deserve.  If you need to file a claim, you received a claim denial, or your benefits were terminated too soon, you need the help of an experienced Philadelphia long term disability insurance lawyer. The Garner Firm, Ltd., represents the rights of clients with disabilities when it comes to insurance benefits. Contact our office to discuss your situation and how we can help today. 

Fighting for Long Term Disability Benefits

There are different reasons why complications might arise with long term disability claims. Some issues might include:

  • The insurer acted unreasonably in denying your claim
  • You did not follow proper claim procedures
  • Your claim did not include adequate supporting documentation
  • Your insurer challenged that you had a disability or that your condition prevents you from working
  • You missed a deadline to appeal a claim denial
  • You did not follow proper appeal procedures 

Disability claims need to be detailed and provide the right information to prove you deserve benefits. These are difficult to prepare, and even the slightest error can result in a denial. It is important to recognize that a denial is not the final word regarding your claim, as it is possible to appeal denials. You should have the help of a skilled long term disability attorney to do so. If your appeal is denied, you can then bring a lawsuit under Section 502(a)(1)(B) of ERISA in federal court. In addition, many people have their benefits prematurely reduced or terminated. It is important to seek legal representation to appeal these changes to your benefits. 

Experience You Can Trust

Attorney Adam Garner has over a decade of experience successfully representing clients in ERISA long term disability claims and appeals. ERISA is a complex law, and ERISA appeals and litigation can be challenging endeavors. Adam and his team bring leverage, their past experience and knowledge of the industry exclusively to protect the rights of disabled individuals.  Adam Garner is highly respected in this area of law practice, and he publishes and edits material and speaks about ERISA and long term disability benefits on a regular basis. If you have an issue regarding your disability insurance claim, you want a nationally recognized attorney on your side. 

Contact a Philadelphia Long Term Disability Insurance Lawyer about Your Claim

Whether you have not yet filed a claim or have received a denial, the help of the right Philadelphia long term disability insurance attorney can be invaluable. Do not put the benefits you need at risk. Instead, fight to prove your disability and eligibility for a claim approval. The Garner Firm, Ltd., is ready to help, so please contact us today. 

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