Handling Complex Disability Litigation in and around Philadelphia

Disability insurance claims are always complicated. However, when all attempts at the process fail and litigation is necessary, the situation becomes significantly more complex and challenging. If you need to file a Hartford disability lawsuit in Philadelphia, it is imperative that you have a highly experienced disability litigator fighting for your interests. Contact The Garner Firm, Ltd., to speak with a disability litigation attorney right away. 

Disability Denials

When a physical or mental disability prevents you from working, you rely on your disability insurance coverage to provide the benefits you need to cover your basic living expenses. Your company might provide you with insurance governed byERISA, or you might have private coverage. In any event, there is a good chance your claim will be denied – especially if you handle it yourself – since disability claims are notoriously difficult.  When you receive a claim denial from Hartford, you should immediately contact a knowledgeable disability attorney. There are appeal procedures that vary from company to company, and the appeal process is never simple. When appeals and negotiating attempts are unsuccessful, your attorney might advise that a lawsuit is necessary. 

Disability Litigation

There are two different types of disability lawsuits, and your case might involve:

  • Lawsuits involving ERISA-governed plans – These require that you first exhaust all internal appeals prior to turning to litigation, and these cases are overseen by federal law and pursued in federal court.
  • Lawsuits involving private individuals disability coverage – If you had your own coverage, not through an employer, state law will apply, and the case will be initiated in state court. 

Our firm knows how to handle either type of lawsuit, so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss possible litigation seeking the disability benefits you deserve.

Fighting for Your Benefits

Disability insurance companies will fight against paying claims whenever possible, and it is no different when you bring your claim into court. You can bet the insurance company’s legal team will be ready to challenge your disability and inability to work. You should always have an attorney who is ready to fight for your interests just as aggressively as the insurance company fights against them.  We handle every step of your Hartford disability lawsuit, including:

  • Filing the initial complaint 
  • Responding to the insurer’s answer if needed
  • Discovery
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Filing motions with the court
  • Representing your interests at trial if your case does not settle

We are confident negotiators who bring all our experience and resources to the table when trying to obtain a favorable settlement agreement. If the insurance company still will not cooperate, we are also experienced litigators who do not hesitate to stand up for you in court. 

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When you need to file a Hartford disability lawsuit in Philadelphia, you want The Garner Firm, Ltd., on your side. Contact us right away if you receive a claim denial and need assistance fighting for disability benefits.

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