Long term disability plans through private employers are typically governed by theEmployee Retirement Income Security Act, known as ERISA. This is a complex federal statute and is supposed to provide various protections to claimants, but large insurance providers are well-versed in manipulating the law and system to work entirely in their favor. This means that many employees are on the losing end because they suddenly discover their valid long-term disability claims are significantly underpaid, or even denied altogether. At The Garner Firm, our Mt. Holly long term disability attorney has devoted his practice to be an advocate for ERISA beneficiaries who have been unfairly treated by the system. If you or a loved one has had your long-term disability claim denied in the Mt. Holly area, we are here to help.

Reasons Some Long Term Disability Claims Are Denied

Your long-term disability benefits can be rejected for a variety of reasons. You have a right to know why your application for benefits was not accepted. Once you have this information, you can look to address why the insurance company denied your claim. Some of the common examples of why long-term disability claims are denied can include:

  • You made a mistake on your initial disability application;
  • There is a dispute over the definition of disability in the policy;
  • You failed to provide enough supporting evidence on your application;
  • There is a dispute over your medical evidence presented; or
  • There was bad faith or errors by the insurance provider.

In the event your claim was denied, it is crucial to hire a Mt. Holly long term disability attorney to find out how we can help. At The Garner Firm, we will do a thorough review of your disability benefits denial. After that, we will take the appropriate course of action in order to protect your rights and help you prepare the strongest appeal possible.

How a Mt. Holly Long Term Disability Attorney Can Assist

Once you retain an attorney, we will immediately start on your appeal. We will request your entire case file from the insurance company and then start gathering all your medical and vocational records. This helps us build a strong appeal, and we can start negotiations with the insurer. We will not give up just because the insurance company denied your benefits. We are relentless when it comes to fighting for our clients’ rights. There are some situations where the claim can be settled without the need for litigation, but we are not afraid to take a case to judgment if needed.

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