Experienced Life Insurance Attorney Serving Clients in Cherry Hill and Throughout Southern New Jersey Losing a loved one is devastating. The emotional and financial toll that the loss takes on your family can be a substantial burden. Life insurance is there to provide some much needed financial support during this difficult time. Unfortunately, in far too many cases, beneficiaries struggle to get access to the full life insurance benefits they are owed. At The Garner Firm, our top-rated Cherry Hill life insurance lawyer fights for the legal rights and financial interests of people in their time of need. We know how to hold life insurance companies accountable. If your life insurance claim was denied in Southern New Jersey, please do not hesitate to contact our legal team to get a free, comprehensive review of your case.

What to do if Your Life Insurance Claim is Denied

  • Understand Why the Insurance Company Denied the Claim

The first step to getting your benefits is understanding why your life insurance claim was denied. Federal and state regulations require insurers to share some basic information about the denial. For example, if you obtained a life insurance plan through an employer, then it is likely regulated by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). Under this federal law, insurance companies must provide written denial letters to beneficiaries that lay out the precise reasoning behind the rejection. Of course, in reality, insurance company explanations can be convoluted and confusing. You should get your life insurance denial letter to an experienced attorney who can help you understand the true meaning of the letter and who can explain what actions you need to take next.

  • Carefully Gather and Organize All Relevant Documents and Records

If you are considering appealing the life insurance denial, you will need supporting evidence. One of the keys to getting successful results is keeping your claim well-organized. At this time, it is crucial that you carefully gather and assemble all of the information that you have that is related to your life insurance claim. Get this evidence into the hands of an experienced Cherry Hill life insurance lawyer.

  • Speak to a Life Insurance Lawyer: Get Ready to File an Appeal

Most life insurance claims must be appealed internally (administrative review) before any type of lawsuit can be filed. The actual appeal process will depend on the terms of your specific life insurance policy. ERISA life insurance plans and non-ERISA life insurance plans may have different appeal procedures. Your Cherry Hill life insurance lawyer will analyze the terms of your policy and determine exactly what needs to be done to submit the strongest possible appeal in your case.

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