The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a complex federal law that regulates most employee benefit plans and employer-sponsored insurance plans offered in the United States. ERISA standardized much of the claims process and it was enacted to help ensure that all participants and beneficiaries get a fair review of their application. Sadly, in reality, obtaining benefits can be challenging. At The Garner Firm, our Cherry Hill ERISA attorney is committed to fighting for the legal rights and financial interests of our employees and other plan participants. If your employee benefits were wrongly denied, our law firm is here to help. To get a free, fully confidential review of your Cherry Hill, NJ ERISA claim, please contact us today.

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We represent employees, executives, and other plan beneficiaries in the full range of ERISA cases. Our legal team has a deep understanding of the claims process and how insurance companies operate. We know what needs to be done to protect your rights. Among types of cases, our Cherry Hill ERISA attorneys have experience handling:

We are prepared to work with you through every step of the ERISA claims process — from preparing your initial application for benefits to putting together a strong administrative appeal or filing an ERISA lawsuit. No two ERISA claims are identical; every client deserves attentive, fully individualized legal guidance. From completing forms to obtaining additional evidence for an appeal, we will walk your case through every step of the process. If your ERISA claim has been denied in Southern New Jersey, it is crucial that you consult with a qualified Cherry Hill employee benefits lawyer as soon as possible. ERISA has strict deadlines, and there are specific steps that you must take to ensure that your administrative appeal is properly prepared and well presented. No matter the circumstances of your ERISA case, our law firm is here to help.

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