If you have lost the ability to work, you and your family may be facing a considerable financial burden. The good news is that you may be entitled to disability benefits under an employer sponsored disability insurance plan or another type of individual disability benefits policy. The overwhelming majority of employer sponsored plans are regulated by a federal law known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). While this law provides some protections for beneficiaries, the big insurance companies have developed a wide array of tactics and strategies to work the process towards their own benefit. At The Garner Firm, Radnor long term disability lawyer Adam H. Garner is committed to supporting the legal rights and financial interests of disabled employees. Mr. Garner has more than a decade of experience handling, resolving, and winning long term disability cases in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

What Our Radnor Long Term Disability Lawyer Can Do For You

Under ERISA, the long term disability claims process is subject to certain deadlines, standards, and procedures. To best protect your ability to get the full and fair long term disability benefits that you deserve, it is highly recommended that you consult with an experienced Radnor, PA long term disability attorney as early on in the claims process as possible. Radnor ERISA attorney Adam H. Garner will handle all aspects of your claim. This includes:

  • Assisting you in preparing your initial application;
  • Reviewing and analyze a long term disability denial letter;
  • Helping you gather additional supporting evidence;
  • Submitting a strong internal appeal on your behalf;
  • Negotiating with representatives of the insurance company; and
  • Filing a lawsuit to get you your full long term disability compensation.

Our law firm is dedicated to getting you your full disability benefits as quickly as possible. There are many cases in which we are able to obtain compensation for our clients a full settlement offer without actually going through the entire litigation process. Of course, if your insurer will not cooperate, our legal team is always ready to take your long term disability claim to court. You deserve fair compensation.

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At The Garner Firm, Radnor long term disability lawyer Adam H. Garner has helped many people get the full and fair of their claim for disability benefits that they deserve. If your long term disability claim was denied in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, we can help. To schedule a free, no obligation case evaluation, please call our law firm today at (215) 645-5955.

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