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Losing the ability to work because of a disability is a horrible burden. Many employers provide their employees with short-term disability (STD) or long term disability benefits to ensure that they are able to provide for their families in case they become disabled. Unfortunately, nearly all private employer disability benefit plans are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), a federal law that stacks the deck in favor of the insurance companies who provide disability benefits. As a result, many people with meritorious disability benefit claims often find their benefits denied or terminated prematurely. In fact, the Supreme Court of the United States has recognized that the insurance companies who decide ERISA STD and LTD benefit claims and who are also responsible for paying the benefits have a conflict of interest in doing so. Don’t let the disability insurance companies take advantage of you. If your disability benefits claim has been denied, or your disability benefits have been terminated, you have rights and may still be able to receive your disability benefits.

Adam H. Garner is an experience ERISA disability benefit lawyer

Adam has spent the last decade handling, resolving, and winning ERISA disability benefits claims. He has represented disability insurance plans and he has administered them as well. He now devotes his practice exclusively to representing people, especially those who have been denied the benefits, including disability benefits, they have earned and are entitled to under their employers’ disability plans. Adam understands the benefits appeal process and knows the law governing disability benefits denials. He is nationally known, a published author on the topic, a frequent speaker on the topic, and edits one of the leading treatises on employee benefits law.

“I have seen disability benefits wrongfully denied to those in need. I am dedicated to fighting these abuses and restoring benefits wrongfully withheld.”
— Adam H. Garner

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ERISA and your disability benefits plan have specific deadlines and procedures for appealing and challenging disability benefits denials. Failing to follow these procedures can result in you losing disability benefits that you are otherwise entitled to. Appealing and challenging a disability benefits denial is complicated. If your disability benefits have been denied, contact The Garner Firm today.Your initial consultation is always free.


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