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Common Conditions That Can Cause Long-Term Disability

11 Jul 2021

There are a number of reasons why you may be unable to work for the long term. While accident-related injuries could qualify you for long-term disability, there are other conditions that would allow you to receive benefits. Here are five common causes for long-term disability claims.


You may be entitled to benefits, but not for all cases of cancer. It all depends on the severity of your case. If you are later stages of cancer, you are likely not able to work. You could also qualify if your treatments are so intensive that you are debilitated.

More people are filing disability claims for cancer. While there are more cases of cancer, people are also living longer with more advanced cases, making disability benefits a necessity.

Mental Illness

Some don’t think of mental illness as a long-term disability, but those who suffer from it live with its effects every single day. One in five U.S. adults suffers from some type of mental illness. For some, it can be crippling. They are not even able to get out of the house each day, let alone hold down a job. Mental illness is actually one in every ten long-term disability claims. You may even be able to qualify for long-term disability when you are struggling with an addiction.


These are the common things that people associate with long-term disability claims. You may be hurt in an accident and suffer injuries severe enough to leave you unable to work. Accident injuries could include:

Cardiovascular Events

Heart disease can affect your ability to work. Your doctor may have ordered you to stop working to protect your heart from further damage. Alternatively, you could have suffered a heart attack that prevents you from working. In severe cases, patients suffer a stroke that leaves them partially or completely paralyzed. While some people are able to return to work after some rest and rehabilitation, others find themselves permanently incapacitated. Cardiovascular conditions comprise roughly 10% of disability claims.

Musculoskeletal Conditions

This is perhaps the most common reason for disability claims. This group of disabilities includes:

  • Arthritis
  • Neck and back pain and injuries
  • Disc problems
  • Tendonitis

These are debilitating conditions, and when they get bad enough, people will have problems working. In many cases, these problems are degenerative and cannot even be managed with treatment.

When you suffer from any of the above conditions, your long-term disability claim will have to show how and why you are affected enough that you cannot work. The insurance company will start off skeptical of any claim. This is why your package must include detailed medical records and a convincing description of your issue.

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