Working to Get the Long Term Disability Benefits You Need

Millions of people in the United States rely on disability benefits to cover their basic expenses. Not being able to work due to a disabling condition can be devastating and stressful, as you might not know how you are going to support yourself. Many companies provide employees with long term disability coverage that should provide important benefits should you become disabled. However, many disabled individuals have an uphill battle ahead to obtain the benefits they deserve.  Most private-sector employer-sponsored disability plans are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). While this law was intended to protect covered employees, in reality, it very much favors insurance companies who are trying to keep benefits and payouts low. Unfortunately, this means that many people who have valid claims for disability benefits have their claims denied.  If your disability claim was denied despite you having a legitimate disability under your policy, or if your benefits were terminated without a valid reason, you should immediately seek the help of a long term disability lawyer in Philadelphia. The Garner Firm is dedicated to fighting insurance companies that use abusive practices against claimants, and we work to get you the benefits that were wrongfully withheld. Contact us directly today for more information.

The Right Help for Your Long Term Disability Claim

Many people believe that they can file a successful disability claim without the help of a skilled attorney. While this is sometimes the case, preparing a thorough claim that is likely to be granted is a difficult task. While you are focusing on your health, let our disability lawyers prepare a claim that has the best chance of a successful outcome. If you already filed a claim and received a denial, all hope is not lost. There are options to appeal a denial, but you need to take swift action to do so. The appeal process is complicated, so you want to seek help from a long term disability lawyer as soon as you learn about your initial claim denial. We can review why your claim was denied and prepare the strongest possible appeal.

Why Choose The Garner Firm for Help With Your Claim?

Dealing with ERISA long term disability insurers is no easy task. It is important to choose an experienced ERISA lawyer to protect your rights under your insurance policy and under the law, so you can get your rightful benefits as soon as possible. Attorney Adam Garner has extensive experience handling ERISA disability claims and winning appeals for our clients. His past experience representing employee benefit plans gives him the insight needed to understand how to successfully advocate on behalf of his clients. Now that he has committed his practice to representing individuals, he has become a respected advocate for disabled claimants in both initial claims and appeals. 

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If you need help filing or appealing a claim, please contact our long term disability lawyers in Philadelphia right away. The Garner Firm is on your side, so please contact us for more information. 

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