The experience of an illness or injury that results in a long-term disability can be life-altering and also incredibly stressful. Dealing with a serious medical condition is difficult, requires a great deal of effort and attention, and can keep you out of work for years – or permanently. It is easy to worry about how you are going to support yourself on top of all your other stresses. Having long-term disability lawyers in West Chester by your side to guide you through the disability claim process can relieve some of your stress. We ensure that everything with your claim is completed correctly to fight for the full amount of disability benefits you need. 

ERISA Long-Term Disability Claims

If you have long-term disability insurance through your employer, you might have peace of mind that you will be covered if you suffer a lasting injury or illness that prevents you from working. However, once a disability strikes, you might find that receiving the benefits you need is a greater challenge than you imagined.  Disability insurance companies have complicated policy language that aims to limit benefit eligibility as much as possible. It can take a significant amount of evidence to prove your disability, and you might have to appeal a claim denial. ERISA has complex rules overseeing this entire process, so you want to have a disability lawyer assisting with your claim or denial. Appealing a denial of an ERISA long-term disability claim requires first exhausting all administrative options, which are often unsuccessful. The final step is to file a lawsuit in federal court, which is a highly technical legal process. You want an attorney to help with your appeal, and we can also help with your initial claim to increase your chances of success from the start. 

An Attorney Can Help Prove Your Disability

Insurance companies will not issue benefits unless you can prove that you have a qualifying disability that prevents you from working. You might know that you cannot work, but providing evidence to an insurer to prove this can be a challenging task. You might think you can simply submit medical records, but often, the insurance company will require occupational exams, independent medical exams, and additional evidence.  Dealing with a long-term disability is stressful enough without having to worry about maximizing your compensation and settlements. The role of a disability lawyer is to step in on your behalf, handle all insurance communications, and present sufficient evidence to prove that you are eligible for benefits. If your claim was already denied, do not wait to seek assistance with your appeal, as your benefits are on the line. 

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Long-term disability benefits are an important part of your financial security, and a long-term disability attorney in West Chester can help you make the most of them by supporting you through the application process. Visit The Garner Firm, Ltd. to schedule an appointment to chat about the options on your case today.

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