Do you have a disability and need legal help? If so, please contact The Garner Firm, Ltd. to learn more about how we can help. We provide representation for those who need to file a disability claim in Philadelphia and New Jersey, and our legal team has experience in helping people with disabilities receive the benefits they deserve from insurance companies. Often, hard-working people are denied long-term disability benefits by their employer-sponsored insurance for a wide variety of reasons. If you have been denied, it is not the end of the road. Contact a long-term disability lawyer near you to level the playing field and receive the benefits you deserve.

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With several years of experience, we have successfully helped people with disabilities receive the benefits they deserve. We know that it can be a difficult road to receive long-term disability insurance benefits, and these claims often end up denied for a variety of reasons. Insurance companies might have undermined the severity of your condition or find another reason to avoid paying you the money you deserve. If you have been denied your rightful benefits, do not simply accept this denial. Instead, speak with our legal team about your denial and possible options to negotiate with the insurance company or take further legal action.  First, we can assess the reasons for your claim denial and whether they might be valid or not. Sometimes, we need to submit additional evidence of your disability and the impact on your life, and the insurer might reverse its decision. However, some insurance companies fight to avoid paying valid claims, and we might need to escalate your appeal.  Because employer disability policies are governed by ERISA, there are rules to appeal if negotiating with the insurance company does not work. We know how to exhaust all administrative appeals before taking the case to federal court if needed.

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Don’t wait another second to get help from a nationally recognized long-term disability attorney near you. Our legal team can investigate your case, provide legal advice, or just answer any questions you have about getting back on track after being denied benefits. We have been recognized as one of the top long-term disability attorneys in America by The American Bar Association Journal and Best LawyersĀ® for years – take advantage of this experience today.

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At The Garner Firm, Ltd., we have successfully prevailed in many claims for our clients that had been wrongly denied. We know the long-term disability benefits system and will make sure you are taken care of in your time of need for both medical coverage and financial assistance with living expenses. Don’t delay another second to speak with a disability attorney about how we can help you receive the benefits you deserve and need.  We would love to speak to you if you believe you’ve been wrongly denied long-term disability benefits. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our legal team.

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