When you have a disabling condition and have private disability insurance coverage through your employer or a personal plan, you are entitled to benefits to cover lost wages and future earnings associated with the disability. While in an ideal world, you would receive your benefits automatically following your disability, this is not the case. Disability benefits must be applied for, and if you have an employer, they also have a portion that must be filled out before the insurance companies review your claim. As we’ll discuss below, the goal of the insurance company is not to pay out on as many claims as possible for the greatest amount allowed, but rather just the opposite. This can lead to improper denials, which can entitle you to damages.  If your disability claim has been denied, one of the experienced long-term disability denial attorneys from The Garner Firm can provide you guidance on how to best appeal the denial. Should you have a diagnosis of a disability and not yet applied for your disability benefits, an attorney can help you through the application process to support a faster and more complete payout than the insurance companies might otherwise offer you without the assistance of an attorney. 

Common Reasons Why Your Disability Claim Could be Denied

Disability claims are denied for a number of reasons, with the most common being a lack of information or inaccurate information, challenging the severity of the disability or its impact on your ability to work, claiming that the disability is outside your coverage, and other attempts at dodging the obligation to pay you benefits for your disability. Your disability insurance attorney can effectively appeal your disability claim denial by collecting the evidence you need to not only have your claim accepted but also accurately assessed so that you receive full compensation and coverage for your disability.  The impact of your disability can be felt throughout your working life in terms of lost future earnings, and treatments could be required in the long term. An experienced disability insurance attorney knows how to assess your situation and negotiate the fullest possible benefits from the insurance company. 

Contacting an Attorney as Soon as Possible After Your Disability Supports Your Benefits

The insurance companies are often quick to offer a lowball offer quickly after your disability. This is advantageous to the insurance company, as the amount is generally lower than your damages might require, and less time invested into the payment saves on human resources costs. Having an attorney on your side before you accept any offer will support the fullest compensation possible for your disability. 

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