If you are no longer able to work on a full-time basis, you may be eligible for long term disability benefits. Many Philadelphia area workers are covered by long term disability insurance policies. If the policy was obtained through an employer, it is likely regulated by Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). While ERISA provides certain key protections to plan participants and beneficiaries, obtaining full and fair long term disability benefits can still prove to be challenging. At The Garner Firm, our Philadelphia long term disability attorney knows how to hold the big insurance companies accountable. We fight to protect the rights and interests of our clients. If your long term disability claim was denied in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we can help. For a free, no-obligation initial legal consultation, please do not hesitate to contact our legal team today.  

Was Your LTD Claim Denied in Philadelphia?

If your long term disability claim was denied in Philadelphia, you need to take immediate action to protect your rights. Most LTD claims are filed against ERISA-governed employee benefits plans. ERISA has strict deadlines for filing an LTD appeal. Even if you are filing an LTD claim against a non-ERISA insurance policy, you will still only have limited time to take action. It is crucial that you understand why your claim was rejected. You should have received a denial letter from the insurer; it is recommended that you get this letter to an experienced long term disability attorney for guidance on how to proceed.  

How Our Philadelphia Long Term Disability Lawyer Can Help

Unfortunately, ERISA stacks the deck in favor of the insurance companies. The good news is that a skilled Philadelphia long term disability attorney can help you fight back. Our law firm is prepared to protect your rights. If your long term disability claim was denied, we will:

  • Carefully review the denial;
  • Request a copy of the insurance file to better understand your claim;
  • Explain your legal rights and legal options;
  • Investigate your case and work to obtain supplemental evidence;
  • Work with doctors to better document your medical condition;
  • Prepare a strong administrative appeal; and
  • Negotiate with the insurance company for a fair settlement.  

Our legal team works tirelessly to help our clients get access to their benefits without unreasonable delay. In many cases, this means reaching a full and fair settlement with the insurance company. Though, if the insurance company refuses to pay you or your family the full amount that is owed, we are always prepared for litigation.

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At The Garner Firm, our Philadelphia long term disability lawyer represents applicants who have had their disability claims denied. If your disability claim was denied or underpaid in Southeastern Pennsylvania, please contact our Philadelphia law office at (215) 645-5955. Initial consultations are always free of charge.

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