Many people need long term care as they age due to a decline in physical health or mental cognition. If you or someone you love needs to move into a long term care facility, you want them to be as comfortable and well-cared for as possible. However, these facilities and services are costly, and you want to be sure you have the benefits you need to cover the costs without depleting all of your or your family member’s assets and property. When it comes time to access long term care benefits, many people come up against obstacles, delays, and other frustrations. You should not hesitate to speak with long term care lawyers near Malvern about your benefit needs. The Garner Firm, Ltd. is committed to representing policyholders during the long term care benefits claim process, and we are ready to assess your situation.

Was Your Long Term Care Claim Denied?

When you file a claim for the benefits you or a loved one needs, you might be shocked to learn the claim was denied. Even though premiums are covered for years, insurance companies can still find many reasons to deny your claim. You should receive a written letter stating specifically why your claim was denied. Once you receive a denial letter, it is generally not a good idea to try to decipher the denial reasons and address the matter yourself. Time is of the essence when you need to cover the costs of a long term care facility, so you should take your denial letter to a skilled claim attorney as soon as you can. We will review the circumstances of your situation and the reasoning given for a denial, and we can assess the best course of action to take to get you or your family member’s rightful benefits as quickly as possible, so there is no interruption in care or unnecessary bills.

How Our Malvern Long Term Care Claim Lawyer Can Help

Many denials are unfair or completely wrongful. When we review your denial letter, we can evaluate the strongest manner of appeal. This can involve gathering information to present to the insurance company in the most persuasive manner possible to challenge their denial reasons. We directly address reasons for the denial and know how to argue that neither your policy nor the facts of your situation support that denial. We handle all communications with the insurer and ensure that all appeal deadlines are met. In some cases, if the insurance company will not budge and refuses to grant benefits, we can file a lawsuit against the insurer on your behalf. Lawsuits can claim insurance bad faith and other causes of action and seek the full benefits you deserve under your policy.

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The Garner Firm, Ltd., represents clients and their loved ones who rely on their long term care benefits but are pushed around by insurance companies. If you need assistance with a long-term care claim or appeal, contact us to speak with our long term care lawyers near Malvern today.

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