Many employer-sponsored retirement plans and group welfare plans are subject to the rules and regulations set forth under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Large insurance companies and other plan administrators have been working hard during recent years to sway the ERISA claims process in their favor. They have complex strategies that they use, which have resulted in many employees not getting the full benefits they are owed. If you need assistance, it is important to speak with anERISA claims attorney in Cherry Hill Township who can help protect your rights. At The Garner Firm, we routinely represent employees and plan beneficiaries who are presenting ERISA claims. Our team of skilled lawyers is available and ready to help you fight for your rights. Please contact us to set up a free, no-obligation review of your legal claim today.

Cherry Hill Township ERISA Claims We Handle

Adam H. Garner has over a decade of experience helping Cherry Hill Township clients with their ERISA claims. From your first phone call to the completion of your case, we will work tirelessly to help protect your interests and get you the benefits you deserve. We handle a wide variety of ERISA claims, as well as ERISA appeals. Examples of ERISA appeals and litigation cases we’ve handled in Cherry Hill Township have included:

  • Life insurance claims;
  • Disability benefits denials ;
  • Executive deferred compensation benefits claims; and
  • Retirement plan benefits claims.  

Understanding how ERISA Appeals and ERISA Litigation Work

Sadly, even though they may owe you a fiduciary duty, you often cannot rely on your employer or the insurance company to provide any helpful information or guidance in regard to your ERISA claim or appeal. The law is complicated, and there are loopholes that can cause potential problems with the claims process as well as the appeals process. One example is that you only have a limited amount of time to file a claim, like 180 days for disability benefits denials. However, there are some circumstances where you may have even less time to file an appeal. Failure to meet the deadlines could mean your case is automatically dismissed after that. Before filing a lawsuit in court, you are required to submit an appeal to the insurance company or other plan fiduciary responsible for deciding appeals. It is crucial that you submit all relevant documentation to your claim administrator in your initial application for benefits or in the appeal. In the event your claim goes to litigation, the court may limit its review to the documents that were submitted with the claim and appeal.  

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