Having a disability can limit your ability to not only resume your former habits and activities, but it can also negatively influence your capacity to work, which can impact your ability to support your family. This is where disability coverage comes into play – to provide you compensation for your lost wages and earnings.  One of the experienced Doylestown long-term disability attorneys from The Garner Firm can provide you information on what your disability claim or denial might entitle you to. If your case fits with our firm, we can collect the best possible benefits on your case. Learn more about how a disability attorney can help you ensure that your disability and the costs related to it are covered by your private disability insurance or that which was provided by your employer. 

Your Disability Attorney Advocates for Your Interests Against the Insurance Company

When you are injured and covered through a private disability insurance company, whether provided by your employer or purchased yourself, you are entitled to coverage for your lost wages. Coverage depends upon your disability qualifying for benefits, and also on the accuracy of your application and making sure that it meets the requirements to be accepted. It is important to remember that the insurance company does not work for you – they work for profits. Profit is what is left after costs are subtracted from income. Insurance companies generate income by collecting insurance premiums from customers and maximize profits by denying whichever claims they can and paying as little as possible out on the claims that are approved. Insurance companies have teams of claim specialists and attorneys working to carefully scrutinize each and every disability application that comes in, looking for ways to disqualify them. If your claim meets the requirements for coverage, insurance companies might offer you a quick offer. The offer might seem attractive, but generally, these quick offers are meant to save the insurance company money by getting you to take a lower amount of benefits in exchange for less effort in receiving them. Speaking to a disability attorney as soon as possible after your disability takes the negotiations out of your life, so you can focus on recovering from your disability (when possible) while your attorney focuses on maximizing your compensation. 

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Ensuring that your future is protected and your ability to cover the costs associated with your disability depends upon your disability benefits. If you have had difficulty collecting on your benefits, or you have received compensation that is less than what is needed to meet your needs, you could be entitled to damages. Having an experienced attorney on your side to work towards the best possible outcome for your claim is essential to counter the interests of the for-profit insurance company and its team of claim specialists working to deny or reduce your claim.  Connect with one of the experienced Philadelphia disability attorneys from The Garner Firm now to schedule a consultation to discuss your claim now.

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