The ability to work is critical for most people to support themselves and their households. If you develop a medical condition that prevents you from working, it is important to know your options for financial support. Many employees have insurance coverage from their employers for short-term disability (STD) or long term disability benefits (LTD) that is supposed to provide benefits to help disabled employees cover their bills. However, getting these benefits can be much more challenging than you might imagine. If you need assistance filing a disability claim or if your claim has been denied, you should not wait to call disability insurance attorneys in Philadelphia. The Garner Firm helps clients in your situation, and we are ready to assess your options. Contact our office directly today.

Disability Insurance Complications

Most employer-sponsored disability insurance policies are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). This is a federal statute that claims to protect the rights of employees, but in reality, it largely favors disability insurance companies and employers. You would think that if you and your employer contributed to premiums for disability coverage, benefits should be available should you need them. Unfortunately, many people encounter serious roadblocks when seeking disability benefits, including delays and outright denials of valid claims. There are many reasons why a disability claim might be denied upfront, including:

  • The insurance company denies that you have a disability as covered by your policy
  • You did not provide the (often extensive) supporting documentation required to support you claim
  • The insurance company claims that you should be able to work – either at your previous job or another position with different job duties

In some cases, people who are already receiving benefits will learn that their benefits have been suddenly and prematurely reduced or terminated. This can also be a difficult decision to challenge and prove you still need benefits. If this happens, it is time to contact a law firm that handles disability insurance cases.

The Right Disability Insurance Lawyer

There are many different ways that a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney can help claimants who are struggling to receive the benefits they deserve. At The Garner Firm, we assist with ERISA disability claims at all stages of the process, including the following;

  • Helping clients prepare and file persuasive claims, which can often increase the chances of an initial approval
  • Appealing claims that have been denied, both by negotiating with the insurer and by filing claims in court
  • Appealing benefit termination or reduction that was premature

Disability claims and appeals are highly complicated, and your benefits are too important to try to handle the process on your own. You should never hesitate to contact our office to learn how we can help.

Contact Our Experienced Disability Insurance Attorneys in Philadelphia

The Garner Firm is dedicated to helping disabled clients obtain and keep the disability benefits they deserve and need to support themselves. If you have concerns regarding a disability insurance claim, contact us to speak with disability insurance attorneys in Philadelphia.

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