If you have been disabled, you could be entitled to several different types of disability compensation. It is important to consult with a Blue Bell long term disability lawyer to be sure you are protecting your legal rights to compensation. Long term disabilities can drastically affect your financial future for the rest of your life. It is important to plan for this by defending your legal right to compensation.  

Long Term Disability Insurance

Many insurance companies offer long term disability (LTD) insurance. This is an optional coverage that entitled you to compensation in the event that you suffer a disability lasting longer than a specified length of time. LTD benefits usually do not apply until after you have satisfied a waiting period commonly referred to as an “elimination period.” At that point, LTD will cover a set portion of your salary for a specified time. Some LTD policies limit this to five years, while others will cover you until 65 years of age (or another set retirement time). It is important to understand that LTD is often an optional coverage. Employers might sponsor a portion of the premium, but an employee will usually have to opt in to LTD insurance and pay for this coverage.

Seek Help with Your Long Term Disability Claim

Insurance companies are businesses, and they will not simply pay benefits based on a claimant’s word. Even if you cannot work and present evidence to support your claim, you might learn that the claim has been denied. It is important to remember that a denial is not the final decision, as you can appeal the denial in specific ways. You always want to contact an attorney following a claim denial.

The Right Disability Lawyers For Blue Bell Cases

If you have suffered a long term disability, you may have the right to compensation from several different sources. It is important to be sure that your legal rights are protected. You have the right to dispute unfair awards or improper denials of your claim. The experienced Blue Bell disability attorneys at The Garner Firm have helped many clients throughout the Philadelphia area. We will fight hard for your rights, too. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. 

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